Pakistan Dumps The Dollar In Trade For Chinese Yuan

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News Articles here:
1. Pakistan is ditching the dollar for trade with China — 24 hours after Trump denounced the country…
2. Pakistan summons US ambassador over Trump’s ‘lies and deceit’ tweet…
3. Angola plans to ditch currency peg to dollar, restructure debts…
4. What a weak dollar means in 2018: staycations and local shopping…

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4 thoughts on “Pakistan Dumps The Dollar In Trade For Chinese Yuan

  1. The US contains only 5% of the world’s population …. we are soon going to know what it means to piss off tbe other 95%…..

  2. Makes it easier to quit paying them in US currency now doesn’t it. And Vic, do you really think China (who treats their own like crap) are going to be able to babysit Pakistan too. Chinese Folks work like dogs and sorry to say Pakistan does nothing, except spy on the US (Awan’s). It is a nothing burger when the welfare recipient quits taking the money or you quit doling it out.

    • Just curious-have you ever been to China? Do you know any Chinese citizens personally? Americans “work like dogs” too, and get poorer and poorer. We are no better. Frankly, getting American aid is one of the worst things that can happen to a country, because they then become nothing more than America’s whore.

      • Hi Ben. I agree with everything you said here. Only know of a few who did Mission work in rural China, I have never been there. Aid can be a curse for sure and is proven that it is time and time again.

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