Pakistan Woman Groped, Clothes Torn & Flung In Air By Crowd During Independence Day Event

A woman TikToker in Pakistan has alleged that she was assaulted by hundreds of men on Pakistan’s Independence Day. The woman claims her clothes were torn, she flung into the air by hundreds of men and was even assaulted.

A video claimed to be of the incident has gone viral across social media platforms. The video has drawn a lot of criticism and anger on social media. Lahore police has registered a case against hundreds of unidentified persons. Horrific cases of gender-based violence shed light on the deplorable state of women in Pakistan.



An Afghan mom who was shot and had her eyes gouged out for getting a job claims the Taliban have also fed women’s bodies to dogs.

“In the eyes of Taliban, women are not living, breathing human beings, but merely some meat and flesh to be battered,” Khatera, who now lives in Delhi and uses only one name, told India’s News 18.

Khatera, 33, recounted her horrific ordeal to the news outlet, saying her own father, a former Taliban fighter, tipped the insurgents off because he opposed her job in law enforcement.

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As punishment, she said, the militants shot her eight times and blinded her last year in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province.

..”They (Taliban) first torture us (women) and then discard our bodies to show as a specimen of punishment. Sometimes our bodies are fed to dogs,” Khatera told News 18.

“I was lucky that I survived it. One has to live in Afghanistan under the Taliban to even imagine what hell has befallen on the women, children and minorities there,” she added…“This fortune is not available for all. Women and anyone who disobeys the Taliban die in the streets,” she said.

“The Taliban don’t allow women to visit male doctors, and at the same time, don’t let women study and work. So, then what is left for a woman? Left to die? Even if you think we are just reproductive machines, there is no common sense but pure hate,” Khatera continued.

…“All went down the drain in just a week. I even heard from my relatives that families have begun burning the educational certificates of girls to protect them from the Taliban.”


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