PANIC: Biden Treasury Secretary Yellen Warns of Second Quarter GDP Decline Indicating Recession — DEMOCRATS IN DISTRESS

President Trump handed Democrats a soaring economy, with low interest rates and gas prices.

Joe Biden and Democrats managed to destroy that in one year!

Today gas prices are at astronomical highs, inflation is the highest it’s in 40 years and the economy is shrinking.

t was all the plan.

Democrats are out to punish Americans.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the inflation rate was “a small risk” last year as Democrats kept pushing for more and more government spending.

Yellen admitted she was wrong about inflation in her June statements.

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But as the economy collapses and inflation soars Janet Yellen announced on Sunday that the likelihood of a negative GDP number for the second quarter is high.

That would mean the country is officially in recession having two quarters of negative GDP growth this year.

Via Midnight Rider.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: “A common definition of recession is two negative quarters of GDP growth”

“Many economists expect second quarter GDP to be negative. First quarter GDP was negative.”

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) July 24, 2022


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