Panic in Flooded California! Fist Fights on Gridlocked Highways, Families Abandoning Cars & More (Videos)

Chaos for most of SoCal! Be glad you aren’t impacted by this mess, pray for those who are!
People awakened with cops at their door warning them to flee.
The break in the rain wasn’t much help for the people in the Colusa County community of Maxwell. Cambi Brown tells us people were forced to flee in the middle of the night.
Anderson Reservoir is spilling over its banks for the first time in more than a decade. Jackie Ward tells us, with more rain in the forecast, people living nearby are amazed and a bit worried.
After a third ARk Storm in less than two months the california rivers are reaching DANGEROUS levels. Dams and reservoirs are being stressed to the max!

Headline in Sacramento Bee: Central Valley Urged To Be Ready To “Evacuate Quickly” As Another Storm Approaches
orecasters with the National Weather Service offered a stark warning Sunday for just about everyone living in the soggy, soaked Central Valley.
“Pretty much anybody needs to be prepared for the possibility that they may have to evacuate quickly,” said Sacramento meteorologist Brooke Bingaman.
Though most of the valley avoided further flooding Saturday night, the worst may be yet to come Monday and Tuesday, Bingaman said.
Those living anywhere near a slough, a levee, a creek or a canal need to be ready to flee flood waters at a moment’s notice, she said.
Case in point: Maxwell, a rice-farming town of 1,100 people an hour north of Sacramento. It suddenly flooded early Saturday morning as storm runoff overwhelmed a local creek, filling a neighborhood and small business district with more than a foot of water.
Bingaman said the same scenario in Maxwell could happen in just about any low-lying area.
“We have been hit hard with storm after storm after storm since early January, so our soils are very saturated and it’s getting to the point where there’s no place for the water to go,” she said.

Everyone should GTFO until the storms pass.
If the dam fails, there’s a chance it’s an operation to hurt Trump. His Katrina, if you will.
Why aren’t “they” using the same geoengineering cloud-busting tech that has been manipulating the weather for years in CA to stop these storms? Are “they” trying to flood the valley?
See, the state works in partnership with the Feds on the flood control system there. That’s why I’m worried this could be a staged event to hurt Trump.
Also, knowing Trump’s plan on infrastructure, any private companies that would be tasked with re-building should be looked at with suspicion. There’s gold in them hills.
Weather manipulation means those in the know can trade on information, especially commodities (lots of farmland there).