Panic! Jason Bateman Pushes Biden to Use Emergency Alert System to Remind Voters of Midterms

Netflix’s Ozark star Jason Bateman urged President Joe Biden to use the nation’s Emergency Alert System (EAS) to remind people to vote in the midterm elections, saying democracy is under threat from Republicans.

In the most recent episode of the SmartLess podcast, Biden spoke with hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett to discuss politics and the upcoming election.

During the interview, a clip from which was posted by democratpedophiles, Bateman floated the idea of using the EAS for non-emergency purposes, claiming democracy “could be seriously threatened” if Republicans prevail.

“With the midterms on our doorstep… two thirds of the seats that are up for grabs and the midterms are trending to be won by admitted election deniers. And then that means that elections and consequently democracy as a form of government will most likely be done away with or could be seriously threatened,” the actor said.

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Bateman said the alert would be non-partisan in nature.

“Could I ask you to commit to consider, over the next few days, using your unique power as president to utilize the emergency alert system?” he asked.

Biden didn’t say whether or not he would take up Bateman’s idea.


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