Papers, Please: Coronavirus Vaccine “Passports” Promise Freedom, Mobility, Access to “Certain Jobs”

Coro­n­avirus “vac­cine pass­ports” are com­ing to Amer­i­ca, a New York Uni­ver­si­ty med­ical ethics pro­fes­sor told CNN Sunday.

But not to wor­ry: Arthur Caplan told Fareed Zakaria that bear­ers of such doc­u­ments will “gain free­dom,” “gain mobil­i­ty,” and will have access to “cer­tain jobs.”
May I see your papers?
As if to prime the pump, Zakari­a’s seg­ment began with the noto­ri­ous “May I see your papers?” scene from “Casablan­ca”:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The host even nar­rat­ed over the clip, say­ing the “demand to pro­duce per­son­al doc­u­ments can be uncom­fort­able, but post-pan­dem­ic it’s some­thing we’ll all like­ly have to get more …


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