Paradise Papers – Facebook and Twitter Received Hundreds of Millions from Russians

by Mark Angelides

You will hear about the Trump associates, you will hear about the famous, but you won’t hear much about two of the largest beneficiaries from Russian State linked investment in the Paradise Papers. Could this be because between the two of them they control the entire market of social media?
When the flood of documents first came out in 2013, it was, and is the second largest “document dump” in history. People have spent years poring over the details, some of which came to light today. It turns out that both Facebook and Twitter received hundreds of millions of dollars in investment from Russian groups with ties to the state.
So what’s the deal? Should they be investigated for taking money from groups who are “hostile” to American interests? And what of the connection to Jared Kushner who was involved in these investment groups? Was Kushner involved in bringing down both President Trump and Hillary Clinton by using social media giants at the behest of the Russian government? Or is it all nonsense?
Well, the documents clearly show that there is a fiscal connection, but this does not show motivations, nor does it show conspiracy (or even perhaps illegal practices).
This is the reality of money and investment groups. They do not have agendas outside of making more money; they do not care where they invest and they do not take into consideration the people they are investing with (beyond looking at if this person/group will make them a profit).
If you happen to have money invested in a wealth fund or at the disposal of fund managers, at some point, your money will likely be involved in a company that has ties to a group who has ties to a government…This is the nature of the beast. Yet the MSM is still looking at each dollar as a political action.
It comes down to balance. Either we take it as read that cash invested will travel the world and come into contact with foreign governments, or we go after all those who have foreign investments for political skullduggery…And f we choose the latter, why not start with special counsel Robert Mueller who appears to have millions invested with Russian hedge funds?
We can ask the super-wealthy to be more circumspect with their investments, sure. But the reality is that the economy is globally tied. If we put laws in place to stop people using their money on an international stage, it would not only be unconstitutional, but would likely result in more tax evasion than already occurs. Let’s just, instead, ask for balance.