Parents Locking Preschool Kids Alone From Siblings And Family FOR FOURTEEN DAY Quarantine Because School Told Them To Do It for Virus Protection!

COVID Isolation for Kids

We have now officially gone far beyond the point of peak mental illness, and have reached levels of absurdity and abuse that surprises us even after years of writing about these topics.

With public schools opening under limited-hybrid “in-person” learning – holy shit that is a mouthful – public school districts and so-called health professionals are telling parents that when their kids are dismissed from school because a classmate has tested positive for COVID, they must quarantine the child *alone* in a separate room for 14 days — even small children, and even those who are asymptomatic – in other words they aren’t fucking sick!

Now most normal parents, at least we hope, would think this is beyond absurd and would probably assume no parent would ever quarantine their child alone and locked away for 14 days when they are sick, let alone when they don’t have a single fucking symptom!


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