Parkland students want voting age lowered, too

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Amanda Head of Do you remember what you were doing at 16 years old — or what your worldview was like? Likely, it was probably not very well-formed or mature. And you likely weren’t informed enough to vote.

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9 thoughts on “Parkland students want voting age lowered, too

  1. Libs are desperate for votes so they want people to vote that they feel they can influence heavily. I believe they can win them over because they did manage to get dead people to vote. That is an amazing accomplishment.

  2. Tough shit!! these stupid kids can’t even tie there shoes let alone know anything about voting with informed information, most are to immature to even drive.

  3. Time to let 16 year olds buy alcohol, and guns, and vote, and all that adult stuff. Never mind that they won’t be emotionally and mentally mature until 25 owing to our dumbfounding “education” system. They can then amend the Constitution to allow a 16 year old President.
    Does America even exist anymore? Or is it just being carved up by traitors and thieves and a host of bad actors who have a long term agenda to destroy what was built here since 1776?

    • I’m not sure if America still exists but I can tell for a fact you don’t grow a brain till 25 and even then there are some that never develop a brain. Yes the education system has a role but TV Media and the food also plays a very important role. They have planned and thought of everything to dumb us down and lower our fertility rates. Btw did you get your flu shot? (sarc)

      • I think that there is a better case to be made to move the voting age up to 25 than there is to lower it to 16. Maybe even have some sort of a “maturity test”.. When I was 16 I would have been eager to lower the age to 16, but now that I’m 61, I would tell my 16 year old self to grow up a little first before I even think about voting. People that young are easily manipulated, are not able to think things through (Tide pods anyone? ) and that is exactly why the loony left (I never thought I would say something like that, but it’s true) wants it to happen. They are literally turning the nation’s children against us. I don’t have kids, because I literally cannot afford to have them. But millions of criminal invaders steam across the border and flock to sanctuary shitholes like San Francisco to get on welfare and grow a crop of kids, sending whatever they can back to Mexico and elsewhere. Trump said that a wall would be paid for by Mexico. Maybe not directly, maybe not deliberately, but consider what happens if the criminal invaders can’t get here in the first place to collect the billions of US benefits. Their citizens lose their US money. They lose the kickback from the invaders.
        There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. An immigrant is an honest, legal person who wants to be an American, and has something to give. The criminal invader is someone who steals a job from a real immigrant.

        • but all that is a distraction from the real issue gun control which is (bullcaca) or mental drugs handed out like candy to our kids. Which btw most inserts say they cause rage , suicidal thoughts , violent tendencies , if these or any other side effects please consult your doctor ( legal drug dealer) before stopping using our product.

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