Parliament Rejects “Equality Of All Peoples” Constitutional

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by SP

A not-to-be-named nation rejected a proposed bill that would enshrine the principle of the basic equality of all its citizens into its constitution.

In stark contradistinction, this nation enjoys considering itself as:

a lone beacon of democracy in the [region], a “unique sanctuary of democracy, freedom and pluralism” that protects its citizens’ rights.

The speaker and deputy speakers blocked advancement of the bill to the floor of the parliament preventing even the initial stages of discussion and debate.  This is a very unusual move, as no legislation has been blocked from reaching the public discussion stage in parliment in more than 5 years.

The proposed constitutional amendmendment would have:

  • declared the “equality of all citizens,”
  • defined the nation as “a state of all its citizens,”
  • called for “the separation of religion and state, guarenteeing the right of worship for all”

In explaining the reason for blocking this bill, the speaker

described it as “a bill that aims to gnaw at the foundations of the state” which must not be allowed.

Though Mr Speaker would not say it publically, the foundational principles of the state include the superiority of one group over others.



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