Migrations: Ants And Grasshoppers

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by SP

While one immigrant family is probably a group of wonderful human beings that we would welcome to our neighborhoods, in groups of say, 500,000, mostly young men, the immigrant masses are more like a flash flood from a failed dam destroying a town.

This passage, posted on fb by Rob Shepler, reminds me of the scene from A Bugs Life where they realize that the puny little ants, in number, are a force to be feared.

DaveF wrote:

All the while, the spin placed on migration by the mainstream media is curious too.  I just recently realized that the migrant arrivals into Italy are more than 90% men, and yet in every MSM reference I read, it lists the total number of people on the boat, followed by the number of women and children, and mostly, the pictures of migrants are pictures of women and children.  www.dw.com/en/italy-to-seize-german-ngo-rescue-ship-carrying-226-migrants/a-44342405

A wave of young men from a different culture “migrating” into your country seems scary.  In fact, it sounds exactly like an invasion.  And yet, by talking only about women and children, the MSM is actively painting migration as some sort of benign humanitarian effort.  Who doesn’t want to help women and children?  (That urge to help women and children has to be pro-survival biological programming of some sort.)  My conclusion: by deliberately re-framing this as a women-and-children issue, when its really a wave-of-young-men issue, someone powerful enough to corral the entire MSM wants migration to continue.  Who?  And why?

Look at this from a military perspective.  Perhaps 630,000 young men from Africa – around 30 divisions of military-age men – have been thrown ashore by the “migrant sea taxi service” run by non-Italian NGOs in the past 4 years.  Point of reference: 150,000 troops were landed on D-Day on the beaches of Normandy in 1944.  Of course the troops had all sorts of military gear, and the migrants do not, but…the sheer numbers of military-age migrants landed are extraordinary.

I believe that we urgently need to get ahead of this process:  To admit to ourselves that it is happening and ask WHO IS RE-ENGINEERING OUR SOCIAL STRUCTURES?  How are they organized?  What is the goal.


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