Paul Ryan’s Entire Career Was a Cash Grab for Billionaires

by randomdood81

For a guy who was so worried about our debt under Obama, as soon as his party takes control, he passed a $2 trillion tax give away to the wealthy. This so called “fiscal conservative” has ballooned our debt to over $21 trillion, with a record $1 trillion yearly deficit. All this in a time when corporations where seeing record profits; a time when the wealthiest Americans were benefiting the most from a juiced stock market.

Fitting that his final act and the end of the GOP majority was this government shutdown. Now that his wealthy puppeteers are happy, he can let the dems clean up his mess. This cycle has occurred so many times in the past. Remember the economy Obama inherited in 2008? And for those too young to remember as I do, Bush Sr. also saddled Clinton with a failing economy. Yet someone Americans still tricked into thinking the GOP are the fiscally conservative party.

For five straight years before Ryan took over, deficits had declined. By the time he gave his self-satisfied farewell, they’d increased by $343 billion — a product of Ryan’s tax breaks for corporations and millionaires, which will cost $2 trillion over the next decade.

There is a pattern here. Too bad Americans are so easily distracted with identity politics and race baiting to see how they are being used while the wealthy laugh all the way to the bank.

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