PayPal Deep Dive and Quantitative Analysis

by snowmail-

So, PayPal.

As some may have seen the last couple weeks PayPal’s stock price has been on a down trend since the announcement of the Amazon partnership with Venmo (which PayPal owns). This will come into effect in early 2022. I really don’t see too much of a downside to this, Venmo has been supporting cryptocurrencies just this year and I see this as a direct line for amazon purchases to be paid via cryptocurrency. And if we keep seeing adoption rates rising then this could be a huge play for PayPal to hold the advantage over Affirm and other payment platforms.

Okay, Q3 Earnings.

For this quarter, we see an income increase of only 6% over Q2, 1.02b to 1.08 b. Net revenue increase of 13%, $5.4b to $6.2b, long term debt is down roughly $1 billion as well from Dec 2020. Total Liabilities was up 2b, mostly in accrued expenses and funds payable to customers. As a whole, PayPal’s debt came to $52 billion, and with annual revenue at $21.4b this is a tad concerning. Free cash flow increased 19%, and this year PayPal also increased spending in marketing and technology/development while decreasing spending for administration, so take this as you will.

Net new active accounts has fallen since last year by 12%. But, total payment volume since last year rose from $247b to $310b Number of payment transactions has also increased by about the same value (4%), but I see this increasing in Q1-Q2 of next year with Venmo partnering with Amazon. So as a whole there is strong customer engagement and a growing balance sheet.

Now, future outlook.

Paidy, a Japanese two sided buy-now, pay-later platform closed in October, so PayPal is looking to expand in Japan. This is big as Japans e-commerce is third ranking in the world. Along with this PayPal looks to develop more in app purchasing and expansion in various cryptocurrencies.

Recently there has been a lot of stirring in the news about PayPal needing to take a defensive stance against companies like Shopify, Affirm, and other BNPL services. On top of this Bernstein analysts downgraded their stock from a “buy” to “hold”. The headlines defiantly resonated poorly with stock price, now down roughly 4%.

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Concluding this little deep dive I find it hard to believe that PayPal will be a roll over in the next two to three years, as they are one of a few market leaders in their sector. In my opinion the nose dive in stock price is somewhat of a knee jerk reaction, and PayPal is now in a nice place to buy in.

I’m also curious where everyone’s opinion is regarding PayPal.

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