Pedophile Runs For Congress – Terry McAuliffe Restored Felons’ Rights -There Is No Way He Can Win – Is There?

by Ruby Henley

Nathan Larson still lives with his parents, while he declares he is a pedophile, and he is planning on running for Congress.  He sees no problem with his sexual orientation, but he would not even be able to vote if Terry McAuliffe had not restored felon’s rights to vote when he was the Governor of Virginia.

You remember McAuliffe, as he has been one Hillary Clinton’s best buddies.  Oh, and not only that he was a sidekick of Andrew McCabe.

Larson is a convicted felon who spent more than a year in prison for threatening to kill President George W. Bush.  In an interview with Huffington Post this week, this man actually called it “normal” for men to be attracted to underage women.  He admitted to wanting sex with babies and his own daughter.

Oh, lest I forget, he also tried to kill his ex-wife.  I guess anything goes with this sicko.

Because of the self-serving Liberals, who are trying to make pedophilia legal, Larson is before the world stage without shame.  Did you ever think we would live to see a day like this? Terry McAuliffe, a cohort of Hillary Clinton and Andrew McCabe, is responsible for this blasphemy.

McAuliffe, the former Democratic governor of Virginia, restored voting rights to 13,000 felons in 2016. McAuliffe left the governorship this year after being term-limited.

While Tommy Robinson, the reporter in the UK, was abruptly  seized and thrown in jail while he was bravely trying to call attention to pedophiles in Britain, here in the US we have one proudly running for Congress.

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I have to ask the question, could pedophilia ever be legalized or accepted in the United States?  I believe Liberals want to see that happen – I do. What would have to occur before this nightmare could come to pass?

Progressives are advocating for “transgender” children to receive hormone therapy to delay the natural changes of puberty, and then to help him or her to become more like whatever their “true” gender is.

The state of Oregon now uses Medicaid funds to pay for puberty-suppressing hormones. It and a handful of other states even require private insurers to pay for “transgender care,” which applies to children.

  • Oregon began covering the cost of reassignment surgery for transgender people on Medicaid in January. It also covers things like hormone therapy and puberty suppression.
  • By doing so, Oregon joins a handful of other states that have recently taken steps to help people with gender dysphoria, or the conflict between the gender people identify with and their physical gender.
  • Oregon joins California, Massachusetts and Vermont as states where Medicaid covers medical treatments for gender dysphoria. Washington, D.C., offers coverage, too.
  • While new coverage begins this month, it may take a while to line up all the necessary services and doctors for the transgender therapies to run smoothly.
  • By looking at medical billing data, Oregon estimates at least 175 people will use the coverage this year. But there are those who question its validity and expense.
  • “To a large degree, I think the jury is still out on these procedures and whether or not they’re legitimate,” says Republican state Sen. Jeff Kruse, who sits on Oregon’s Senate Health Care Committee. He says gender reassignment procedures are “elective” and “dubious at best.”
  • Oregon’s Health Evidence Review Commission decided to look into coverage for gender dysphoria last year. Until then, it had been lumped in with conditions like pedophilia and fetishism.

This article was written in 2015.  How many of you knew about this? I didn’t until doing this article.

I guess you could say Satan is further ahead than I thought.  He has made leaps and bounds in using the greatest tool he has, and that is pedophilia.  We should have paid better attention.

Now I ask could this man running for Congress as an open and proud pedophile actually win?

I would not be surprised.



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