Pedophilia in the US Senate – Catherine Austin Fitts Wake Up America!
The Finders – Political Control & Pedophilia with Jon Rappoport – Knowledge is Power – Get Some:


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6 thoughts on “Pedophilia in the US Senate – Catherine Austin Fitts Wake Up America!”

  1. Once you acquire more $$$ than you could spend in a lifetime and all of the power you can grab (highly addictive!), then you start turning freaky because there is no one or no thing that can stop you and you could probably get many to help you do it!!! Behold dudes like Epstein…dead to right and he still got away with it, REALLY!

  2. The key is Podesta’s Wikileaks. All we have heard for almost a year is Russia hacked his emails. Meanwhile Seth and 4 of his Bernie supporter buddies are worm food and NO ONE has asked Podesta what is this Spirit Cooking, Hot Dogs, Pizza, Cheese, Pasta, Walnuts and other code words mean. Even Trump is goin along with the Russia Hack BS. Did he fly on Epstein’s Lolita Express as some claim?

  3. Round them up. There’s plenty of room in FEMA camps. Slam the gates and let them fight it out for limited supplies of basic food (such as pizza) and water.


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