Pelosi and Democrats to Offer Bill with NO MONEY for Border Wall — Count on Media’s Support (VIDEO)

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Looks like our government might be shut down for a long while then. What Pelosi still doesn’t understand, however, is that “media support” is meaningless now. The vast majority of true Americans no longer pay any attention to them. As such, the Dims will own this one, but their self imposed echo chamber of lies and daily insanity will ensure that they stick to their guns as well.


The end result will be a massive uprising of the “vast majority” (the real ones) demanding their heads. Enjoy!

#TFNOriginal | Nobody TROLLS the FAKE NEWS Media BETTER than Donald J. Trump

Obama Used Walls To Shut Out Veterans, Opposes Walls To Stop Illegal Aliens

During Obama’s infamous 2013 government shutdown, he apparently not only found walls to be highly effective, but he deployed them against our nation’s veterans, in order to deny them access from paying their respects to their brothers and sisters in arms at our nation’s war memorials.

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That’s right, Obama found walls to be so effective he was willing to use them to keep veterans out of war memorials, yet claims they’re patently ineffective for keeping illegal alien criminals out of our country—despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

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