Pelosi Suffers 16 Brain Freezes in 15 Minutes! Jaw problems mar speech

During her weekly press conference Thursday, House Minority Leader’s train of thought seemed to ran out of gas … 16 times.
The 77-year old California congresswoman repeatedly paused in the middle of her sentences while searching for her next words.
In all, Pelosi stumbled 16 times over just 15 minutes.
MORE Pelosi brain freezes, marred words — confuses ‘thousands’ and ‘trillions’!
Nancy Pelosi is continuing to suffer problems in front of the cameras, but Democrats keep trotting her out there to deliver the message–no matter how marred it may be.
Her strange behavior and apparent issues continued today during her weekly press conference, as a jaw problem seemed to impact her speech, she suffered at least two brain freezes and garbled words.

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Once again denouncing the Republicans’ popular tax cut, Pelosi said, “After adding $2 trillion to the debt, Republicans plan 2 thousand — 2 trillion worth of cuts.”
Congratulating the astroturf groups organizing against the tax plan, she said, “All over the country we’re having, uh, tax scam — the tax march…”