PELOSI: Suffers Brain Freeze, Stutters, Forgets California Governor’s Name, Calls GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy “Mitchell”

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#NancyPelosi and #JakeTapper have an irritable exchange this morning on #CNN’s #SOTU. I think #Pelosi was trying to do her best impression of #SleepyJoe by bumbling over her own words. Why is she angry so often lately? Did her fancy ice cream melt? 🍨 Doesn’t seem like she’s winning much politically lately, and she knows it. The American people see through her and she doesn’t like that. Even her fellow Democrats, including #NewYork #Governor #AndrewCuomo know #SpeakerPelosi is losing on multiple fronts and making herself look bad. I really doubt Nancy will continue being #HouseSpeaker after November 3rd. Can Democrats find someone who is better at … speaking? 😂



h/t CrsCrpr


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