Pelosi to Trump “NO” On $5 Bil. to Keep US Safe, YES on $38 Bil. to Keep Israel Safe!

by Thinker

There you have it Americans, right out of the horses mouth! The safety of the American isn’t a priority, and the walls that US citizens paid for that are almost all the way around Israel are needed for security? Pelosi and Schumer agents for Israel and not politicians for Americans? Their actions in the Senate have to have every American questioning the motive of denying the people safety. If I wasn’t witnessing it myself along with the rest of the world, I would think that I’m watching an extended show of Saturday Night Live!

Can the Senate really understand the mean of them saying “NO” to Americans for $5 billion, and yes for Israel for$38 billion for security. Sounds to me like politicians are selling out the safety of U.S. citizens, putting them 2nd to Israel who with $38 billion for security is 1st when it comes to who gets American tax dollars?

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Did Israel buy the USA, or just the Senate?

Who are the politicians that hate the thought of Americans having the same thing as Israel?