Pension funds are becoming a bad joke if you can only retire at the age of 70.

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by mOfN81

The people that are in power do not even want the people who have pension funds to be able to enjoy the little life they have left.

TPTB demand that people “be responsible”, and pay into a pension fund their entire working life, only to wish that said people would hopefully die before they get to spend that retirement they have saved up for.

retirement age at 70, those scumbags truly want to rob us blind from every possible angle.

So nice that the same politicians and law makers that are creating all of those nefarious policies, get to retire with 7-8 digit net worth from their “public servant” roles after just 5-6 years in office


In Germany it is 100% like a pyramid scheme! It is structured in such a way that the current tax paying young generation is paying the current generation of retirees, then it is “expected” that when the young generation get to retire, the next young generation will pay enough taxes to finance their pension and so forth.. now what happens if the next generation does not work enough or does not pay enough taxes? right, no funds to let the next bunch of old people retire.

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the fraud here is, that when I pay for “retirement fund” out of my paycheck every month, it should be saved toward MY OWN F*CKING retirement, not some huge lump sum that the gov will then decide how to redistribute

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