President Smakron (video).

And like us, they have reason to be angry:

Macron’s Lockdown Extension Even After Reluctant Astrazeneca U-Turn.

Is France losing its war on terror?

Part of the “benefits” of the lockdowns to the global leftist “elites” is that they allowed them to tamp down rebellions that were becoming inconvenient.  Being not very bright 4th generation Marxists, none of these people who mistake themselves for the best and smartest rulers in the history of ever realized that would just make the governed angry.

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In the US government is supposed to be by “consent of the governed” and if the Junta thinks they have it, they should stop sampling their own supply. But really, it’s by the consent of the governed everywhere. Violate that consent enough and the governed will get froggy.

Right now?  What was that Dylan tune?  Oh, yeah.  “You’d better learn to swim, or you’ll sink like a stone; for the times, they are changing.”

Kakistocratic Marxists the world over: this one is for you. Come on down.

BECAUSE THEY WERE A BAD IDEA? Harvard med school professor explains why he spoke out against COVID lockdowns.


h/t Sarah Hoyt


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