‘People are generally disgusting on planes’: Air stewards tell all; Reveal what you must never do on a flight

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via dailymail.co.uk:

  • Flight attendants shared their mid-air horror stories about feral passengers 
  • Crew claim there is a lot happening on board that travellers know nothing about
  • Passengers have been urged to never walk barefoot into the plane bathroom 

Flight attendants have shared their mid-air horror stories and revealed what you must never do on a plane.

While being an air stewards might seem like an appealing job with great travel perks the reality is far less glamorous it seems.

Current and former Australian flight crew have taken to Reddit to unveil what some sick passengers do while waiting for their drinks.

‘People are generally disgusting on planes,’ one person said.

‘People frequently do disgusting things on their tray tables (I’ve seen people change diapers, clip toenails and wipe boogers to name a few), though these discoveries pale in comparison to human faeces under a seat,’ they said.

Crew members listed the many horrors they have come across while on job.

Many flight attendants said passengers with heavy bags were frustrating as they  expected flight crew to lift them into the overhead lockers, which left some with injuries.


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