People Forced to ‘Go to Work.’ in the Metaverse Say It’s a Complete Nightmare.

via futurism:

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“I am totally immersed in the metaverse, have a big headset on, and then I need to take off the Oculus, look on my phone for the two-factor authentication code that’s been sent to my phone, then memorize the number, put my headset back on, and try to key it in,” an employee at the tech-consulting firm Accenture, a major Meta funder that’s attempting to implement Oculus into the workspace, griped to Slate. “But when you take off the Oculus it automatically goes to sleep mode, and I was trying to navigate the back-and-forth.”

Also speaking to Slate, other workers attempting to get the job done in metaverse workspaces experienced similar woes.

“Between forgetting to charge headsets, operating system updates, new app installation/updates, logging into accounts, screensharing between desktop and headset,” David Stern, founder and CEO of the Slate Group’s Supporting Cast podcast platform, told Slate, “there’s just a lot that can go wrong.”

Workers also told Slate that there are some glaring accessibility issues, particularly for those with disabilities like motion sickness. And once someone actually gets into their digital workspace, the problems don’t end — even just figuring out basic social cues and conventions is apparently pretty difficult, and most of Slate’s sources seemed to agree that any merits of current VR work fail to outweigh the many reported downsides.



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