People Found Admitting Out Loud To Looting, Selling Stolen Goods On Facebook

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CHICAGO (CBS) — Selling looted goods on Facebook – CBS 2 found it’s happening right now, with several videos and photos sent our way.

One woman posted a Facebook Live video publicly on Sunday, May 31, and it got about 6,600 views and 41 shares. It showed looting at a strip mall and a van filled to the brim.

In a second public Facebook Live video, posted days later, a woman stands behind the videos and photos posted on her page – admitting out loud that she had looted.

She called out the people tagging police in the video, and defended her selling of the looted clothing and liquor – referring to it as stolen and saying it wasn’t the first time.

“I don’t give no (expletive) about this s**t. I upload stolen (expletive) 365 a year,” she is heard saying. “This ain’t (expletive) first time I did this.”


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