People need to be aware of is that CNN isn’t just there to “tell the news”. As part of Time Warner, they’re there to make money.

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by OB1_kenobi


So what does that mean?

It means that everything CNN does is done under the guidance of someone who’s got their eye on the ratings and on profits.

The profit motive leaves it’s mark on everything they do. It means CNN tells the news as a secondary purpose… because the most important thing is for them to make $$$ for the shareholders.

So whenever they cover a story, they try and make it more catchy, more attention getting. That means more emotional content.

You could tell the news in a way that gives coverage to the most important stories. You could do that coverage in a calm an unbiased manner… and fill it with all kinds of context, facts and relevant information. But that would be a little bit boring.

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You could also do a news show that focuses more on stories that generate fear, excitement or anger. You could also try and tell your stories in a more exciting way. And you could use lots of bright colors, flashing imagery and loud stirring music to give your news show some extra pizzazz.

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Now imagine one news show that sticks with informative quality reporting. Then imagine that the next channel has a more sensational news show like what I described. Which one do you think will get higher ratings… and make more money?

Now you know why CNN does news the way they do. They love Trump, racial issues, disasters and wars… or anything else that gets people going.

Because they make more money off of those things.



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