People of Venezuela Now Regretting Mistake, Of Giving Up Their Guns

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by Thinker

They didn’t think Hillary would lose or the American people would wake up. For years the false flag shootings came, with a bill quickly following to eliminate some kind of gun. Most Americans didn’t notice, so the plan continued and more gun laws were passed. Little by little the removal of guns from the citizens of Americans had begun with New York the baby murdering state leading the charge…coincidence?

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What is the history of the leadership of New York?

Is it like California with four families dominating government?

What would the U.S. be like without guns?

American Socialists seem to think that their ideas of “redistribution of wealth” is so caring. Yet they ignore the damage Socialism has actually done to every Country out there who tries it. But their “Democratic Socialism” is different they say. Well? All you have to do is look at the actions of today’s American Socialists (anger, hate towards fellow Americans, violence in the name of love.? etc) and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what the Left is truly producing.

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