You Can Vote Your Way Into Socialism, But You Have To Shoot Your Way Out

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Venezuela is Burning, Useful Idiots Don’t Care.

Venezuela is burning, and its people are rioting against Maduro’s socialist regime. They have little food, no medicine, and no hope for their future unless Maduro leaves office. Moreover, their immediate survival may depend upon trucks from neighboring Colombia and Brazil bearing humanitarian aid.

But on Saturday, Maduro broke diplomatic ties with Colombia, calling it a “fascist” government. He then ordered trucks flipped over to block incoming aid from Colombia, and also shut the Brazilian border.

However, the people are desperate, and now Venezuela is burning.

On top of that, Maduro threatened an American ship carrying aid to Venezuela, according to the Governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Roselló. Roselló ordered the ship to leave the area for the crew’s safety:

“We have been informed that a ship from the Venezuelan navy threatened to open fire against #BarcoPuertoRico, a ship that is carrying humanitarian aid to our Venezuelan brothers and sisters in need. This is a direct threat against a humanitarian mission being carried out by American citizens. This is unacceptable and shameful.” 

Meanwhile, in Caracas, Nicolas Maduro was seen dancing at a political rally. Yes, Venezuela is burning, and he’s dancing.

You know the saying about the Roman emperor Nero, whom, the story goes, “fiddled while Rome burned.”

Now if you think that Americans on the Left — those who claim to be compassionate, loving, and caring towards the downtrodden — empathize with the plight of the Venezuelan people, think again.

They don’t give a rat’s ass what happens there, as long as socialism rules and President Trump, who supports the Venezuelan people, fails. In fact, they’d just as soon throw the protestors under those buses, and if they’re burning, so much the better.

In fact, when Bernie Sanders broke rank and called for Maduro to allow aid into the country, you would’ve thought he was a traitor to The Revolution.

Here’s what Sanders tweeted on Saturday:


And the Useful Idiots came out of the sewers to pummel Sanders. You might say they wanted Bernie to “feel the burn.”

Socialist writer Max Blumenthal tweeted this in response to Bernie:

“A sad commentary on US politics that the country’s most prominent self-proclaimed socialist feels compelled to feed into an interventionist narrative crafted by the Trump administration.” 

Another socialist blogger, Ben Norton, also fired back at Sanders:

“The UN and Red Cross both oppose the Trump administration’s fake “humanitarian aid” stunt in Venezuela. It’s a Trojan horse to push right-wing regime change. It has nothing to do with helping people. Why is a self-declared “socialist” falling for this?”

Right, like the UN and the Red Cross are apolitical and merely humanitarian organizations.


Venezuelans searching through garbage. Credit: Jamez42 @ Wikimedia Commons. CC by-SA 4.0.

Leftist journalist Abby Martin told Bernie that there’s probably guns in them there aid trucks! Because — war criminals!

“you know better than to endorse a stunt led by war criminals who have snuck weapons in aid shipments in the past. This stance will not make democrats like you more and will only lose you support from socialists.”

Finally, there’s Roger Waters — yes, Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, who is a Useful Idiot par excellence. Here’s what this Brit, who should mind his damn business, told Sanders:

“Bernie, are you f-ing kidding me! If you buy the Trump, Bolton, Abrams, Rubio line, “humanitarian intervention” and collude in the destruction of Venezuela, you cannot be credible for President of the USA. Or, maybe you can, maybe you’re the perfect stooge for the 1%.”

Seriously, “collude in the destruction of Venezuela”? Who’s destroying Venezuela, if not Maduro? Apparently Waters smoked too many joints in his Pink Floyd glory days.

Waters also made a video “for Venezuela” while warbling “We Shall Overcome.” He added the hashtag #handsoffvenezuela.

Roger, the ’60s called. They want their anthem back.

Meanwhile, Venezuela is burning, and Leftists are channeling Walter Duranty, the writer for the New York Times who visited Ukraine during the 1930’s famine. Even though Stalin was starving the people, Duranty claimed it was an “alleged man-made famine.” Never mind that, off the record, he admitted that “Ukraine had been bled white.” It was all about sucking up to the socialist narrative.

Water Duranty was a Useful Idiot for his devotion to Stalin and his regime, just like those who slavishly support Maduro. It doesn’t matter to them that its people are suffering. They don’t care that Maduro, as opposition leader Juan Guaidó said, “burns food in front of the hungry.” The socialist narrative — and their hatred for Trump — is more important to these Useful Idiots than the humanity they supposedly champion.


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