People trust the media less than Trump on COVID. Here’s why.

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via spectator:

On Wednesday, audio of President Trump talking to Bob Woodward leaked, on which the President said he purposely downplayed the virus, so as to not cause a panic. Journalists from several outlets sprung into action, again blissfully ignoring their own track record of downplaying the pandemic. In February, the New York Times published ‘Who says it’s not safe to travel to China?’. In January, BuzzFeed wrote, ‘Don’t worry about the coronavirus. Worry about the flu.’ The Washington Post published, in their health section of all places, ‘Get a grippe, America. The flu is a much bigger threat than coronavirus, for now.’ The Associated Press wrote in February, ‘Is the new virus more deadly than the flu? Not exactly.’ The Daily Beast ran ‘The virus killing US kids isn’t the one dominating the headlines.’  Vox even deleted tweets and amended a story which downplayed the virus. When White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany brought this all up to members of the press, they sneered at her with all the condescension of the cool kids welcoming a new girl to class.

Flashback: MSM: Riots COVID Safe, Trump Rallies Are Hot Zones. Just NBC the gaslighting!

VICTORIA TAFT: Bob Woodward’s Own Reaction Shows His Big Trump Virus ‘Scoop’ Is Total Nonsense. And It Gets Worse…

MSM seriously isn’t even trying anymore



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