People who still believe in the Trump/Russia hoax

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When brainwashed CNN cultists approach me with their Russian narrative I simply show them this video:

The DNC hack is the very pillar that holds up the Russian narrative, once you knock this one out, they have absolutely no rebuttals left.
The red-pilling is extremely strong once you make them realize that the FBI actually never did investigate the DNC servers themselves, instead it was handed off to a third-party anti-russian firm – CrowdStrike – who additionally have been caught lying about russian hacking attempts regarding other incidents as well, which in turn completely discredits this third-party as well. (Most aren’t stupid enough to try to fall back and defend this third-party organization though, but if they do, this is the counter-claim)
All they have in support of their hoax is FakeNews articles, meanwhile, with this, you actually supply cold, hard video evidence.
h/t ElysiaI

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