Perennial Wealth is not Paraded in Magazine Billionaire Listings

Alright. Year in, year out, popular financial and lifestyle magazines and networks – such as Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, CBS, Vanity Fair and others – put out these ostentatious rich people lists in issues dedicated to profiling the stated fortunes, backgrounds & future projects of the world’s most obscenely hyper-wealthy people. You know, elites such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg and, at this point, many, MANY others, from practically every continent. Yet are these publicly listed super-duper-rich people truly the wealthiest on earth, and generally, are such mainstream corporate media-published lists ultimately inaccurate distractions away from becoming aware of much, MUCH higher, deeper and longer-standing levels of institutional private wealth? You know, the sort of wealth that moves entire industries, shifts foreign governments around, makes money itself up out of thin air, and – potentially – plans for bringing about tectonic world consolidation changes over the next few years? Namely, the very, VERY “old money”, or what we’ll call here “Perennial Wealth”, which is longstanding, multi-generational, best advised institutional affluence, purposefully dispersed across varying family members, legacy and dynastic trusts, foundations, organizations, corporations, tax shelters, continents and oaths of discretion and fidelity.

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