Perhaps you didn’t know… Schools across the country are literally building solitary confinement cells for children.

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What is “normal”?  Is normalcy a condition of public acceptance to common trends & culture?  Per it’s definition, normal is defined as conforming to a standard: usual, typical or expected.
If you accept normalcy by that definition then…
-it is normal for kids in our public school system to be locked in solitary confinement (4×4 padded cell) for misbehavior.
-it is normal for each state across the nation to have tens of thousands of cases of students being physically restrained.  In some cases, even shackled using hand and ankle cuffs.
-it is normal for our police state to intervene with troublesome kids with use of physical beatings and pepper spray.

Perhaps you didn’t know…

Schools across the country are literally building solitary confinement cells for children.  They are very small, sometimes padded and have windowless walls with no contact to other children.
seclusion rooms public school
The use of these “seclusion rooms” and other restraints are being deployed almost 270,000 times in a normal school year across the nation!!!!  In 163,000 of those cases, children were physically restrained.  In about 7,300 cases, mechanical restraints such as handcuffs, ankle shackles or other devices are used.  God knows how long kids are actually kept in these cells?!
Take this one instance of a first grader who suffered wrist bruising after he was handcuffed for running away from school.

Or how about this instance where an autistic boy was afraid and refused to go into his “seclusion room” cell.  The school officials were so violent with trying to get him into the cell that they smashed his hand in the door.  His hand was subsequently broken.
Or what about this school officer that beats 13 year old students for questioning where they were headed during class change?  This officer beat the children with her night stick and pepper sprayed others.  After the incident, the the school said the incident was handled appropriately…  Furthermore, while the one child who was beaten was bleeding profusely from the head, the parents were not notified by the school.
policewoman school beating

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This is the new normal…

You do not need the police to be in the police state.  Other authority figures such as school administration officials, security guards, or even your own doctor (e.g. – vaccinations or medical advice) are serving to enforce the totalitarian state.  Not only do we need to worry about physical and psychological abuse of our children at school, we also have to wonder what common core is teaching them.  With all these monstrocities coming down on our children, it is no wonder that the number of children home schooled between the year 2000 to 2012 has doubled!  As parents, we must take a hard look at our schools, how they are being run, and the tactics they use.  If it is as bad as these trends indicate, you might want to consider home schooling for the well being of your child.


24 thoughts on “Perhaps you didn’t know… Schools across the country are literally building solitary confinement cells for children.

  1. Schools are prisons to facilitate the brainwashing and domestication of the sheeple. I was loud and disruptive in school in the 80s because of their dictator shit programming and I am white. The racist poster is probably a treasonous govt liar.
    In reality, all this is a distraction from the incoming Planet X and the nuclear annihilation of America by the SCO. This was all planned centuries ago by the “gods” who made us as slave workers to mine gold. Enjoy your Armageddon on 10-10.

  2. I found out a a couple of weeks ago that this is in the high school in Baldwin County Ga near where I live. I was shocked when one of the students told me he was in there for bringing a can of chewing tobacco to school.

  3. i see most of you dummm assss do not see were this is leading,anyway its the food shots plus more these kid are putting in there bodys i know some parents are not worth a damn .but if a teacher did this to my child or broke the hand i would break the arm of all involved if it took me 10 years beat the hell out of that teacher this makes things worse with that child.parents can not woop there child but the school can do anything it wants to people are so damn dummmmmmm as hellll

  4. This is the work of DHS, CIA, FBI THEY want to make your CHILDERN so scared that your CHILDERN will rat you out that your CHILDERN don’t want to be locked up . They are using disgus to get your email address to get your names to check u out . And logging every comment so when the time comes they know who to come after . Our freedoms are gone you just don’t know it . And if you watch this post they will remove it because they don’t want you know this . So watch out people they are coming for us soon very soon .

      • Why do you go after them , I never hide , I’m right here . I’ll pray for you mybe you’ll wake up . So come down on me all you want . If I was brainwashed I would not have written what I wrote . If I was in a corner I would not have wrote what posted . I take it your the one scared and afraid !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Every Word True, And Look out side your house, crib or side walk, drive way the Red or Blue X ‘s police say, not us, not worker’s cable Who? And why all over the states are finding these X ‘s put out side their house, their doing it at night, check your sec-camp’s ask questions something is going on Fema Camps getting ready?????????????????? Get your kids out of those schools into private or home school in Jesus Name

      • Well Sharon , I’m up all night EVERY NIGTH here I have very good guard dogs , no X ‘s here or dots on mailbox’s yet I have no CHILDERN in school s these days THANK GOD , all my trust is in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD . If my life is required for my faith then only THE LORD CAN MAKE THAT CALL WITCH I WILL GIVE WILLINGLY . I wish you all the blessing of GOD AND PEACE IN THESE DIFFICULT TIMES WE ARE SEEING . With all my love I wish you blessing of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.

      • And one more thing , they won’t need to mark out side of homes they will have listed in there languages or who ever they have to do this . And like I said they are getting there list from comments like Facebook , twetter, desqus and so on .
        GOD BLESS

  5. “Bad men cannot make good citizens. It is when a
    people forget God that tyrants forge their chains. A vitiated state of
    morals, a corrupted public conscience, is incompatible with freedom. No
    free government, or the blessings of liberty, can be preserved to any
    people but by a firm adherence to justice, moderation, temperance,
    frugality, and virtue; and by a frequent recurrence to fundamental
    principles.” Patrick Henry

    • Only stuck in stupid losers send their kids to gov schools. Best not to breed ’em unless you can home school or find a high rated Christian school. This country has a zero future anyway, so why even become a parent?

      • Laura, well people have them now, can’t aford, join together for private or home school, they have plans to take the children to Fema camps when the time come’s to lure the parents there to get their children, but will never see their children again, they have already done a dry run on this, took kids to foot ball field hired actor’s pretending to be parents to go begging for children to be given to them, testing guard’s strong stand, parents found out their kid’s taken away from school with out written ok boy it hit the fan! Rightfully So! They Have plans when M-law come are you prepared? In Jesus Name get prepared take those kids out of public school now!

  6. Within a few decades we older ones will be dead or too old to resist. The only people then alive will be today’s youth who will have known nothing but state repression since they could remember. The elite know we oldies might defeat them if we resist but they also know we will eventually all die, so it seems they chosen a totalitarian state over the longer term, beginning with the kids of this generation.

  7. Might want to consider home schooling? MIGHT?
    You’re flat out stupid if you don’t home school your child these days. You’re opening them up to the monsters that society is training them to be, and those monsters will attempt to convert your angel into one of them. Schools are parasitic filthy training grounds for our children, and no parent that actually has a mind, would ever consider sending their child to one of them.

    • Bill, You are so right time for people to open their eyes to what our country has turned into, spirit of The Devil Alive & Well we Have To Pray in Jesus Name As Never Before for worse that is Coming, Pres OB has A Plan, the Devil Has A Plan Do We Have A Plan? Christians?

  8. My grandmother was locked in a closet in kindergarten because she cried and missed her mother and father. The teacher did it every day.

  9. Shameful! What country are we living in? is Hitler still alive and well in spirit, or is it even worse, is this the start of “HOTEL FEMA” wake Up! Way up people,these are our children, take them Out! Home school them in the name of Jesus! their young mind will be effected the rest of their live’s, Home school them, you say,”they won’t get proper Education, well is this Education? what you teach at home will be far above what’s going on in public school, let them be taught Real History, & take Muslim teaching OUT!!!!!!!!

  10. The US government has purchased a bug out bag for every school kid with 3 days worth of ready to eat meals to take with them , NOW where are they taking them? Watch out parents keep a close eye on the schools cause a permanent field day is coming.

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