GAME OVER! The Global Financial System Is DEAD Says Gerald Celente

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28 thoughts on “GAME OVER! The Global Financial System Is DEAD Says Gerald Celente

  1. Alex jones is CIA and is paid by the GOVERMENT , he is also a member of the MASOIC brother hood is name is on the members list he is paid to stir things up . We all or most of us know that our GOVERMENT is a bunch of thieves who are power hunger and drunk off it and it won’t matter who’s in office , there all SATANS HELPERS . This is all in the WORDS OF OUR LORD JESUS . For me it hard to pray for people like this but I and we must . This is going to be a tuff for all of us bielevers in CHRIST most of all .
    Let’s lift each other up in prayer for THE LORD TO GIVE US STRINGTH

      • Back when Alex had a smaller following, it made sense to question people who criticize him without basis because it might have been a misunderstanding. Now he has millions of more viewers and gets spotlighted in MSM so the trolls are even more numerous and ignorant or gullible.

      • Alex gives you all the proof you need . Him getting on the Bohemia grounds , they let him on his part of that crap , with all these SOCALLED dead banker , scienctis , whishelblowers , REALY how come his not dead . And I know the order very very well and I know for a fact that that is something they do not put up with and if you can’t read between the lines ( what can I say ) go look at his SECERT 12 with its nazi bird and the hexagons the meaning of hexagons is , one join the hive have you seen the new gold bond commercal with shack and he does the buzz look at the labels out there . 2nd the hex means ( SONS OF GOD ( fallen angels ) daughter of men) The Lord gave me the gift of reading symbols . THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST IS ALL THE PROOF I NEED . You sit down and watch and see how many hexagons you see in commercials and moives . So I hope you catch on brother and once you start to see it’s going to blow you away . Pray and I will be praying with you okay we can not aford to have one lost soul . With all my love and may GOD BLESS YOU IN THIS SIGHT .

      • And Tim the next time you see the NEUGENIX commercial look at that label it has a hexagon wit DNA , the hexagon is six sided the x is mans gen and it is saying . NEW GEN IN MAN . I hope this is helping you to start see things with your sprit eyes and not in the flesh loo SATAN WANTS YOU TO SEE BECAUSE THE FLESH CAN NOT SEE THIS ONLY THE SPRIT CAN . Okay

        • And here’s a nother one subway there 6 dollar sub look how they got it I the store three sub along side each other at 6 dollar’s that is 666 if you start looking around you will see it’s every where you look .

      • alex is spot on. but it is time to stop being fearful of his information. it is time for you the people to make your own plans on survival . please

      • No brother he is out to mind control us to get you and us worked up to go out there to start riots. That man is EVIL I SEE IT IN HIS EYES AND HIS PRODUCTS . And the sooner every one starts seeing the symbols they are using in commercials and movies and colors and numbers . This is just one of the gifts THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD GAVE ME A LONG WITH TWO OTHERS . Read the reply I sent Tim and go check it out for yourself .
        GOD BLESS

        • Thanks for that information. Can you share your opinion with me about Mr. Steve Quayle, as I have no gift of discrimination? I am guessing that you are also familiar with him.
          Thank you

          • Ross . It’s that I like to put mr quayl out there like that , but has a child of GOD I got to call it has THE LORD LETS ME SEE IT . I don’t see thing in the flesh I see them I sprit . Quayle uses THE LORD TO MAKE HIS MONEY IN BOOKS . He uses THE LORDS WORDS IN HIS BOOKS AND CHARGES YOU FOR THEM OUR LORD DID NOT SAY BUY MY BOOK HE GAVE HIS WORDS FOR FREE GODS PEOPLE AREIN DEEP SH#T IN THESE HARD AND DARK TIMES AND HE AND OTHER USEIT TO MAKE MONEY . Look at Quayles production label , it is a unlocked lock witch make a six , gensix is six letters and the six in gensix is yellow witch differs from the rest so it is 666 on the black square of Mecca . He is also a member of the MASOIC brother hood I have seen there names on the list myself . I’m not asking you to BELEIVE me but to go in prayer a bout it yourself . Only THE LORD JESUS’ S can do that . My father was a mason and they killed him for getting out . I have been at this for 32 yrs read every book ,letter I could read and I steel do
            Much love I hope this finds you will
            GOD BLESS

          • Wow! You however cannot deny that these individuals bring many truths to light regarding the subgigation and pillaging of the regular guy? Where is the deception?

          • Yah sure they do you can make a lot of money when you use THE LORD JESUS CHRIST . But dont think THE LORDS NOT GOING TO USE THEM . THE LORD WILL USE THE DEVILS HELPERS TO DO HIS WORK . But when they stand befor THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST HE WILL SAY I NEVER KNEW YOU FOR YOU USE ME TO FILL YOUR POCKETS WITH MONEY . There’s only one man I know who give things out for free and he dosent even charge for postage . That’s MIKE HOGGARD . What’s that say for the rest of these guys who push books , video and so on, just to get there share of the profits . Ross these guys have people scared sh$tless just to make money . With buy, buy , buy , food , books . I can’t tell you how many times I put things together for people switch my money and just give it to them . I will copy there pages and give it away . GODS PEOPLE ARE GETTING SUCKED IN BY THESE GUYS USING THE LORD FOR PROFIT . I wish people would wake and see these wolfs for what they REALY are . There all players GOVERMENT men and DEVILS HELPERS .

          • Ross. I wish there was a way to talk with out going through disqus . But I know I’m not putting my num. or my email and I don’t think you will either .

          • Ross I was in construction as a carpenter . Me and a coworker were up 33 feet on a lull fork truck I was sharing the LORD WITH HIM the devil picked it up and put it on its side he TRYED to kill me . And with lawyers and judges being skull and bones , masons and GOVERMENT too they put me on the backs of tax payers of less then 1000 $ a month . I lost everything Ross . Now I live in a garage with no RUNING water no toilet and I have to pick a week of not eating just so my food will last . I told this to mr quayle he sent me 500 $ it was not enough to buy 30 days of the food he as on is site . He told me go to the store and buy caned food . I can’t afford to have food just to sit around a wait on all hell to brake loss . That’s the kind of men that call themselves men of GOD . Are you kidding me , it makes me sick . And I have tired to get a job but now no one will hirer me because of my workers comp . And as cold as it as been Ross I have to sleep in my close to keep warm . I can’t even get my car in the shop to get it running . I got to walk with busted feet and legs 3 miles to get to the store one way 3 mile back home 3 miles home .3 miles back to return the cart 3 miles back home . Men of GOD MY ASS . The only one I have is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST TO GET ME THROUGH THIS . I cry every day Ross . I can’t even get table scarps . But I’ve got to pray for these SOCALLED men of God while they make money off of MY LORD JESUS AND DRIVE NICE CARS AND HAVE WARM HOUSES AND FOOD ON THERE TABELS . I’m not telling you this to fill sorry for me at all . Just lift me up in your prays to hold on to my faith , for I am a broken man but with no one but MY LORD MY KING MY GOD JESUS CHRIST . If you think I’m lying take to theLORD LET HIM TELL YOU .
            GOD BLESS YOU ROSS
            WITH ALL MY LOVE

  2. Gerald it has been over for awhile now. the west is beyond panic mode now. watch for false flags on our own people. in return THEY WILL blame it on ISIS.

    • I agree, which is why I can’t figure out why all these patriot websites and talk shows just don’t close down. Why bother with it and paying for a website if all is lost? Me and others long ago quit supporting patriot and pro family org. since they all fail anyway. All work patriots did over many decades has been in vain, useless. spend your money on preps instead.

  3. I wish he said that about Mitt Romney when he said he would be president before he said barack would be president.
    Can’t this guy make up his mind???

  4. The same spirit of the moneychangers whose tables Jesus overturned more than 2000 years ago is alive and still destroying and manipulating today. Serpentine devils.

  5. Gerald is onto what is currently happening, King World News is onto what is happening, people in the KNOW are aware of what is happening. The majority of the American Public don’t have a clue what is happening because the mainstream media is keeping this all “quiet”.
    Of course it is Doom and Gloom, but that is what is on the doorstep and be it what it may, it is coming. The House of Cards will not last forever and it is plain to see from what is currently going on in the world, the collapse may be soon.

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