Obama panics before big meeting at Minsk, then calls and Threatens big Costs to Russia if Putin will not stand down. Poroshenko defiantly says he will declare martial law in Ukraine if Putin will not cease aggression. The world now at a crossroads to find out the outcome of these threats. Europe at the breaking point as Russia issues sanctions against them. Europe may be on the brink of collapse, Russian rubel falling. U S pushes Germany and Europe into economic crisis. Will Merkel hold out? Can U S dollar hang on. Who will blink?

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  1. Obama is used to threatening and intimidating people and businesses in the United States and has failed to realize that he can’t impose his will on strong foreign leaders like Putin. This administration created and carried out the coupe in Ukraine and is about to pay the price.
    Putin is KGB and Obama is a community organizer, who do YOU think will win the war of wills?

    • Knock off the” is KGB” crap. Putin was only a clerk in the organization.
      But American reporters do not refer to Senior Bush who actually was a CIA agent for years and got promoted to Chairman of CIA. I know you mean good but give up on the KGB stuff. CIA most feared compared to KGB– :^(

      • Not sure where you get your info. The bottom line is hard times are bred into the Russian people, look at their history. Obummer’s sanctions mean nothing. Putin is slowly crushing the Petro-Dollar right in front of us step by step. It won’t be long before we will find out how well you survive during really hard times as compared to the Russians

        • What if Russia overthrew the Mexican government and installed their own government – how would the US feel with Russian dominance right on our southern border. The first step in critical thinking is look at the problem from both sides. The US financed a coup in Ukraine and deposed a duly elected government and installed their own puppet regime. I would probably be a lot more aggressive then Putin is being, I am actually surprised at his restraint, he could probably take that country in a day if he invaded and what would we do? Nuke him?

  2. The undercover Jihadis Muslim Nazi in the White House was installed by Globalist Banker satanists, to perform one task, to create CHAOS. They must create chaos to cause the system to collapse. Otherwise their plan for a One World Govt., A New World “satanic” Order, will not happen. Time for them to swing from the end of a rope. Subversive acts of war against the People’s, their robbery and murder of the innocents, must come to an abrupt end, when their necks snap. They, along with all their little installed Nazi concubines, throughout the so-called Govts. Enough is enough.

  3. I was predicting this in advance already in the end of this year 2014 putin will wing all this ukriane war- now w eknow minsk deal- 2014-its a bully year for everybody everything gores down the tube and etc. 2015 its a mild one ram year also onc ein a while act violen-PUTIN A BET HAVIGN A HARD TIEME IN 2014- BUT 2015 A BET MILDER- 2016 ITS HIS GREAT 100%GOOD YEAR HIS BIRHTYEAR AND 2016-PERFECT ONE FOR HIM AND EACH OTHER- NOW WE KNOW.


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