Permanently High Plateau Might Pull Investors Off the Cliff! Fed Won’t Admit Inflation

Do you feel the fear of missing out? This is evident in stocks and real estate today. Real estate continues to increase in price right now as we see low interest rates keep this going. There is upward pressure on markets right now globally because of the inflation of the money supply. As a result, we are finding prices of just about everything being higher. Money, cash, debt is coming into the markets at this time finding its way into stocks, bonds, real estate. New Zealand is making big changes to their monetary policy.

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CNN’s John Berman reported that “consumer inflation is the hottest it’s been in 13 years…you feel it,” during a segment on CNN’s “New Day” with John Berman and Christine Romans on 7/15/2021. Be sure to like, subscribe, and comment below to share your thoughts on the video.


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