PewDiePie Is A THREAT To The Establishment! – Media Tries To DESTROY Him

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent attacks by the media on PewDiePie following another insignificant controversy.
PewDiePie is the real deal. He started out a simple Swedish guy making strange noises on YouTube videos while playing video games. If you were his parents you would have rolled your eyes, but the joke would be on you. Within a few years he’s featured on talk shows and within a few more years he has more than 77 million subscribers on YouTube, making him the most subscribed to channel on YouTube with his only close competitor being T-Series. With that, he says whatever he wants and he’s a smart guy. That makes him a threat to the establishment considering his vast power. He has more viewers than any of the mainstream medias. That’s truly incredible!
Well, he’s said some pretty stupid stuff in the past. Okay, we can forgive. We all have. But the media does whatever they can to destroy him. They hang on to every word he ever says in order to crack down on him hoping they can bring him down once and for all. He’s not controlled like most medias or TV channels. He’s doing what he wants, when he wants.
Recently, he shouted out a channel that is known to produce some hateful content from time to time. Okay, well he obviously isn’t going to go out of his way to put himself in that position. We find it hard to believe that he knew ahead of time what he was promoting. He’s a marketing genius. He’s not going to purposely bring down his entire career and everything he worked for. Well the media pounced. Within moments of shouting out the channel, the media was producing articles claiming that he promotes hate and that his followers don’t care… That’s a great way to make people boycott your media. Vox, we’re looking at you.
Going back to the days of newspapers, William Randolph Hearst controlled the narrative and destroyed careers if people didn’t fall in line. People moved from newspapers to television and radio which instantaneously became controlled by government and a few corporations. People decentralized from television to the internet. The internet becomes more centralized and muzzles people. So now people are going to naturally move to more decentralized alternatives away from these massive corporations. This is how the market works and these major companies don’t seem to get it. The more they try to stop people from speaking, the worse it comes down on them long term.
PewDiePie has a massive audience and the continued attacks on him will simply be met with the demise of these platforms.
Also, the fact that people see what PewDiePie says as “priority” shows how privileged these people are. With vast taxation, a global construct creating proxies around the world, all the terrible things that are currently happening thanks to governments and banks, THIS is what people care about? For shame.

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