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by Jim Quinn

You can’t make this shit up. I regularly point out the absolute degradation of Philly with my 30 Blocks of Squalor articles. Not only is the infrastructure crumbling and free shit army marching throughout the squalor, but the government drones running the city are the most pathetic bunch of lowlife morons ever placed in charge of this cesspool of a city. Philly just won more accolades as having the worst accounting practices of the 10 largest cities in America.

They had almost $1 BILLION of accounting errors in one year alone. Now, that ain’t easy to do. I wonder how many diversity hires it takes to create that much havoc and epic failure. It also seems they have “misplaced” $33 million from the city cash account. I’m sure it’s just a small slip-up. Only government drones could fuck up something so bad and accept no responsibility at all. But the taxpayers should be happy to know, the city is going to hire an accounting firm for $500,000 to try and find the $33 million. My taxes at work in this glorious shithouse of a city. So it goes.


Philly Missing $33M From City Funds, Audit Finds

Philadelphia’s largest cash account is missing $33 million and City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart is blaming the finance department for not keeping better track of the books. $924 million in mistakes were also found in financial statements.

An internal audit says Philadelphia has the worst accounting practices of the nation’s 10 largest cities.

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The audit, released Tuesday by City Controller Rebecca Rhynhart, cites $924 million in bookkeeping errors last year alone.

The city is also missing $33 million from its main bank account, a discrepancy that came to light earlier this year. reports that city finance officials plan to have answers on the missing money by November. Rhynhart says there’s no indication of whether it was an innocent mistake or an act of fraud.

The audit report says the city’s accounting system is ripe for fraud, with too few accountants and inadequate technology.

Rhynhart says the finance department improperly relies on auditors from the controller’s office to reconcile the city’s books.

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