Phone Hack Reveals “It’s Done” Minutes After Nord Sabotage

A report by the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail On Sunday newspaper claimed that former Foreign Secretary and Prime Minister Liz Truss’ private cell phone was hacked by foreign agents “suspected of working for the Kremlin” and that the hack was discovered during the Conservative Party leadership campaign that took place through the summer.

According to the newspaper, foreign agents were able to intercept messages sent by the soon-to-be prime minister about the war in Ukraine. Private messages between her and former Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng were also allegedly intercepted.

While the British government has not officially confirmed the hack, the chair of the British government’s Defense Select Committee Tobias Ellwood told British media on Sunday that Russia is “getting better and better” at hacking and cyber-attacks.

“We take the most stringent measures to make sure it doesn’t happen,” Ellwood told Sky News, adding that an investigation by the intelligence and security committee is being prepared.

It should be noted 19FortyFive cannot verify the claims in the Daily Mail at present.

“It’s Done”

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