Physical Silver Demand Soars, Bullion Dealers Offer Huge Buy-Back Premiums

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Silver stackers we talk to on a regular basis seem to be getting tired of hearing about the market tightness without any movement in the bank spot price. However, obviously that could be about to change if the COMEX and LBMA vault drain continues for much longer. One of the individuals I speak to regularly who has first hand knowledge of a COMEX depository’s operation told me recently that they didn’t think there’s any unspoken silver left, just people haven’t figured it out yet. An interesting comment, given that there is supposedly 35 million ounces of registered silver left at the COMEX.

Some silver bullion production is ordered out through March 2023 and nearly every silver round/coin is at least 4 weeks delayed from purchase, most 6-8 weeks. There already exists on the wholesale market what will be manifesting in retail trading across the space in the coming weeks: a complete uncoupling of price for live, deliverable Silver. You can already see that in the US Silver Mint Eagles where premiums are now nearly 100% of spot price. In the rare occurrence someone is quoting inventory that’s actually there, on a shelf and ready to ship that day, premium becomes almost irrelevant in this market. There’s virtually no price quoted that is too high with the benefit of 3 hours hindsight. You snooze, you lose. -Dr. Tyler Wall, SD Bullion, Inc.

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The big question, as always – where do we go from here?


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