Pick Your Team Americans – Trump or Deep State – ‘Let Truth Come Out’ Says Rubio

by Thinker

The Superbowl of politics and the Creator is rolling out in the USA, with two teams in final contention for the seat at the helm guiding the people. Who will be the plantation owner of the masses of taxpaying Americans that continue to give to a system that adds and takes more away? The team players are showing face as the fans (world citizens) watch from the gallery as the hits are being taken from both sides. The injury that was inflicted on Trump backfired on the Deep State team and some backpedaling is going on now. Who is the next to be pushed out into the line of fire to protect Hillary and the Benghazi scandal of lies?

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How many will lose their jobs and be shamed by the American people for their lies to protect the one who thinks she is the same as the queen of England…immune from any and all crimes?

Flashback 2012 CNN Report: Clinton on Benghazi attack: Don’t play blame game.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with CNN’s Elise Labott about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi

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Hillary Clinton’s Fiery Moment at Benghazi Hearing

Secretary of state says Susan Rice did not mislead the Americans about the attack.

The truth and conviction of a Clinton, would be a domino effect. How many have been threatened to defend her or be exposed? How many tapes are being used against politicians to keep them loyal to one team? How far will the deep state go to protect a woman, that if she were Black, would have already been in jail. The Scary TRUTH About Hillary Clinton


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