Picture an Islamic World…

By Mark Angelides

On the same day that there were marches against gun ownership and for more restrictions on the sale and usage of firearms, another type of march took place. This was a march against hateful ideologies that use terrorism and violence. It was attended by thousands and received almost no media coverage.

The fact that it took place in the UK which has seen a spate of recent terror attacks is perhaps significant; as the saying goes: “where America starts, Britain leads.”

The march was attended and organized by the FLA (Football Lads Association) and included people of all races, genders and political affiliations. Even the proud British Ghurkha soldiers turned up! And what is it they are really protesting? Islamification.

If you are a consumer of the authorized media, you will perhaps believe that Islamification is not taking place. That Islamic ghettoes ruled by Sharia law do not exist. And that mass Islamic immigration to Western nations will not result in a significant change to existing values and democratic process.

However, if you have eyes, you will likely see what is happening.

To be extremely clear, this is not a problem with people, it is a problem with ideology. We all have our ideologies or belief systems that we perceive as being better or more moral than others, this is natural. But what is happening is regular Muslim folk who have spent years integrating into countries (and their children who grow up as natives of that land) are becoming the targets of preachers of hate who use social, community, and religious pressure to make them conform to an Islamic ideology that many chose to leave behind.

As mass immigration form majority Muslim nations increases, there will be less integration, not more, and when that happens, we will see some very sad changes in Western society.

What would an Western country look like that has become Islamized? Would it be one of peace, religious piety and love? Or would it resemble more the countries that people are fleeing from right now. Here are some things that I personally would be very sad to see disappear:

  1. Equal rights: Women (and men) have struggled for equal rights and a lack of discrimination. It began centuries ago when the Catholic church first insisted that a marriage ceremony included the words “I do” to be acknowledged. From that moment on, women have fought hard to be independent and free citizens. In 2014, the OECD published a world ranking report on gender rights and equality. Of the 43 Muslim majority nations on the list, only 8 made it into the top 100, and zero in the top 40.
  2. Religious Freedom: All should be free to follow their own path in my opinion, but would this be allowed if a Western nation became Islamic? According to the 2013 Religious Freedom report, the vast majority of Muslim nations have restrictions on religious practice (there are several that don’t). Any ideology that will execute you for apostasy is not a good one. According to Pew Research, as of 2014, 26% of the world’s countries had Apostasy or blasphemy laws in place. Notably, The Republic of Ireland and Italy were on this list, the vast majority of others were all spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

We do not need to stretch out imaginations to see what a Western nation would look like if it became Islamified, we have history books to show us. But we, ourselves cannot do much to stop it, the only ones that can are those Muslims living among us as friends and neighbors…They have to resist, they have to call out hateful ideologies when they present themselves. Yet they can only do that if we support them in their real and meaningful integration to become Brits, Americans, and Westerners.

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