PIERS MORGAN: Free Speech Is Under Attack…

Imagine for a moment that I went on stage in a comedy club and said: ‘There’s still two rules in the f****** Morgan family: Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.’

Then imagine that a black female member of the audience sitting in the front took exception to my horribly racist remark, stood up and flipped me her middle finger.

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Then imagine me turning on that black woman and sneering: ‘Sit your f****** a** down. I’m talking, b****. You paid to see a show, sit your a** down. [If] you can’t take a joke, you’re at the wrong motherf****** place. You got two choices…sit your f****** a** down or get the f*** out of here.’

Then imagine me continuing to rant ‘I’m going to make that choice for you – get the f*** out of here. Bye. Bye. Bye’, at which point the black woman and her friends get up and leave the venue.

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Then imagine me, two days later, doubling down on the incident when it provoked public uproar and tweeting: ‘You have 2 choices, have a good day or get the f*** out.’



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