Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Stops Live Concert To Explain ‘False Flag Chemical Attack In Syria’

Looks like another person coming forward sharing this can’t be what we are being told. This one will be someone people pay a bit of attention to given his clout.

“Not until we have done all the research necessary…” This is the reality of our current time, and the reason why so many in our world are so confused. We are taking the word of leaders, late night comedy show hosts and mainstream media as truth, when in reality they provide loose facts mixed with deep agendas.

When it comes to geopolitical matters, how can we expect to be given any sort of truth when what we hear comes directly from intelligence agencies.

Roger Waters, the frontman for Pink Floyd, stopped his concert this week in Barcelona to address the crowd about the propaganda being spread about what’s happening in Syria. He pointed out that The White Helmets are an organization that exists for the purpose of propaganda. Collective Evolution reported on the corrupt nature of the White Helmets in 2017 and we’re now seeing it here again. The White Helmets have been caught staging events to create propaganda for media.

We also recently published an article about the recent allegations towards the Syrian government by the US, you can read that here.

The White Helmets were first exposed when a video surfaced showing the US backed “aid workers” disposing dead bodies of Syrian soldiers. They were celebrating their kill and holding the heads of the dead.

As it stands, the White Helmets organization is heavily funded by the U.S. and the UK, as well as many other international entities. Keep in mind, these same countries also fund ISIS.

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