Pivot already started, Jpow will have to explain why he printed money last week at the FOMC meeting

by hkboy3

I’m sure many of you know the Fed’s balance sheet increased by 300 billion last week. At the same time we have a sharp drop in treasury yields. This is a pretty good indication the Fed bought bonds to support the market.

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Also to prevent the collapse of FRC the fed basically had to round up all the big banks to get them to make a total of 30 billion in deposits. I highly doubt they did it out of the goodness of their hearts, with the biggest CEO on wall streets in the room they had to have made some sort of deal with JPow.

JPow undid 6 months of QT by printing the 300 billion and asking for the big boys help, now hes in too deep. If he keeps raising rates then more bailouts will be necessary and I doubt the big banks will step in a second time to save the day.


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