Plain and Simple: THIS IS A COUP ATTEMPT

Coup Phases:
1- Attack & Weaken Economy;
2- Create riots, chaos;
3- Neutralize local Sheriff & Police Forces;
4-Recruit Military Generals;
5- Bring back old faces & prop them up as coup leaders;
6- Takeover



This guy puts it different, but the point being,

We are experiencing a highly organized destabilization effort

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How do you bring about a Bolshevik Revolution to destroy independent middle class people?
1. Force them to shut their businesses.
2. Drive the majority into abject poverty.
3. Have your agents commit a crime before the world.
4. Blame it on the people you want destroyed.
5. Send in your agents to riot, loot, and destroy their businesses.
6. Start protests and send your agents in to violently repress peaceful protests.
7. Blame it on the people you want destroyed again.
8. Send in your ‘reformers’ to bring about justice and peace.
9. Increase state power with your ‘reformers.’
10. Deliver freebies to the people you drove into abject poverty.
11. Charge the people you want to destroy with crimes and stick them with the bill.
12. Same rulers, more power and trust than ever, on the ruins of liberty.

h/t Seagull Lake


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