Planned Global Food Crisis of 2021 Begins! Stock Up and Be Prepared For Water & Food Shortages

by Financial Argument via Financial Argument

The global food crisis of 2021 has begun. After I tell you about the latest news and signs regarding serious water, food shortage, and even seed shortages in this video, if you are not already prepared, you should begin immediately.

Take 2021 very seriously while there is still time. Many countries, especially China, which knows the great disaster that the food crisis will cause, are preparing accordingly.

If you think that vital skills like fishing, growing your own food, and so on are just hobbies, you’re wrong. These so-called hobbies will help keep you alive in the coming years.

If you think it’s unnecessary to keep your pantry sufficiently stocked with water and emergency food, you’re wrong again.

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After seeing the panic shopping and empty shelves at supermarkets for over a year, you’d have to be willfully blind to think the preppers are crazy. In fact, if you believe that the recent enormous shortages in Texas in recent times are just temporary and everything will be restored to normal, then you are wrong again.

Let me first explain the seriousness of the situation, and then I will describe the latest news and signs about food shortages…

Decreasing incomes, record unemployment figures, a collapsed and hopeless American economy, a fake stock market bubble with red flags everywhere, and the US dollar, with a value that decreases day by day…These are just some of the early signs pointing us toward what is to come.

Forget the past economic and social disasters we have experienced. If I said that the health crisis was a walk in the park compared to what’s coming, maybe then you’ll really understand the severity of the situation that will unravel over the next few months.

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The food bank situation in the U.S. is deplorable. In many states, food banks are working above capacity. Officials are talking about the dramatic increase in the number of families requiring food. Every week, new families arrive at the food bank. Although the situation seems sustainable for a while thanks to donations and volunteers, many food banks will soon be unable to respond to this increasing demand. When that occurs, what will these people do?


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