Please start buying and backing up physical media. The purge is coming.

by citizenofconcern

I’ve realised the other watching an episode of Friends, once considered a light-hearted, borderline family-friendly show, that this would absolutely not make it air in 2021. Here’s an example as to why.

Ross is uncomfortable with the flamboyance of a male babysitter Ross: “Dude, are you gay?” Babysitter: “Haha no, I believe that children are the future- (can’t remember exact dialogue) Ross: “You have to be at least Bi!”

Quite a basic joke that pokes fun at toxic masculinity, not really overall funny but at the same time the overarching point is to poke fun at outdated views Ross holds.

Nowadays, though, TPTB are continually aiming to narrow the scope of human expression.

Trust me, within a few years, there will either be a cull or a mass edit of ALL questionable media. Any jokes regarding sexuality, any racially ‘insensitive’ topics, ‘outdated’ views. The average viewer has lost the ability to view media and see it as satire or commentary rather than a validation of these beliefs. This is on purpose as when was the last time you saw any ‘edgy’ material, 2016, 2015?

Examples of other shows being affected. The Simpson’s (Apu will be edited out soon), Family Guy, Scrubs, I actually can think of hardly any PG and above shows that won’t be affected in some way.

It’s coming, everyone. Dust off your hard drives and save human expression for the next generation. Imagine in 10 years we have underground media clubs with ‘forbidden’ media. With the Dr Seuss news the other day anything is possible!


Disclaimer: This is a guest post and it doesn’t necessarily represent the views of IWB.


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