Podcast Comedian Konstantin Kisin Owns the debate on Wokeness at oxford , Why adults are afraid of kids!! Tucker last night

Climate change will be determined in Asia and South America.

it wouldnt matter if the UK fell in the Ocean.

People there are starving ….

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“We live in a society in which adults are afraid of children and young people in particular,” Kisin told Tucker Carlson. “And so when you see somebody who is an adult talking to young people and being straight with them and saying, look if you care about certain issues in the world, if you care about climate change or racial injustice, whining and complaining is not going to fix that problem, we need young people to step up and actually work and build and create things…that is going to help solve all the problems of the future. I think that’s one of the reasons it’s gone so viral.

h/t Coastie Patriot


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