Poland Declares They Want a War with Russia

by Chris Black

The good news keeps on coming.

There’s just a little problem: Poland can’t go to war with Russia on its own, because it is a member of NATO. 

Hence, if Poland goes to war with Russia, that means the United States, Britain and Germany, among others, all have to join in. 

That’s how you get a world war. 

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Just like in WW2 when the British Empire and France declared war on Germany over the invasion of Poland by the USSR and Germany (the Western powers never declared war on USSR tho even if they invaded Poland too, and after the war, they gifted Poland to USSR lol).


Poland could end up in a military conflict with Russia within three to ten years, Deputy Defense Minister Marcin Ociepa told the Polish newspaper DGP in an interview published on Wednesday. 


Warsaw would need the time remaining before the supposed war to acquire as many arms as possible, he added. 


“There is a serious risk of a war with Russia,” Ociepa said, adding that the timing of this potential war depends “on how the conflict in Ukraine ends.” According to the official, it would ultimately depend on “how many years Russia will need to rebuild its military potential.” 



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