Poland on her way out of EU

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‘Polexit’: Will Poland’s ‘nuclear strike’ on EU’s legal order lead to the country quitting the bloc?

In a decision that sent shockwaves through Europe, Poland’s constitutional court on Thursday ruled the country’s laws had supremacy of those of the European Union.

The long-awaited ruling says some parts of EU treaties and court rulings go against Poland’s highest law.

Jakub Jaraczewski, research coordinator at Democracy Reporting, called the move a “massive escalation of the crisis of the rule of law in Poland”.

“This is unprecedented. We have an EU member state basically stating that the primacy of EU law, one of the core ideas of the European Union common legal order, is partially not effective in Poland. This has not happened before,” Jaraczewski told Euronews.

Laurent Pech, professor of European law at Middlesex University, compared the ruling to a “nuclear strike on the EU legal order”.

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