Poland sends a diplomatic note to Berlin demanding reparations for World War II, demanding $1.3 Trillion

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, Zbigniew Rau, has signed a diplomatic note on Monday, which will be sent to Berlin, in which Germany is required to make reparations for the German “aggression and occupation” during World War II, as reported Europe Press.

“The parties must take immediate action aimed at permanent, comprehensive and final legal and material regulation of the issue of the consequences of German aggression and occupation between 1939 and 1945,” reads the letter, according to Polish public television TVP.

Thus, Warsaw demands from the German authorities a series of payments that serve as “compensation for material and non-material damage caused to the Polish State”, including the return of Polish assets confiscated by Nazi Germany, as well as adequate cooperation on the commemoration of Polish victims of World War II.

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The Polish authorities have drawn up this document after receiving a report on the state’s losses as a result of the German occupation in World War II. This report estimates the economic damage at 6.2 billion zloty (1.3 billion euros).

Roughly 1.3 TRILLION Dollars!


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